Arena Feasibility Study contract awarded

almost 3 years ago

The contract to study the feasibility of building a new arena on the SOEC site has been awarded to a team of consultants led by Sierra Planning and Management. The City received 10 responses to the RFP issued in April. A group of Penticton Arena Task Force members and staff reviewed the submissions according to several criteria including project understanding, methodology, experience, and fees.

“We were very pleased with the number and quality of responses received,” says Stewart Ladyman, Chair of the Arena Task Force and member of the group that reviewed the submissions. “We were especially impressed by the local expertise included on the successful team.”

Joining Sierra to complete the study are:

  • Dialog Design (prime architect)

  • Greyback Construction (construction costing)

  • International Coliseums Company (arena specialists)

  • McElhanney – Penticton Office (civil and structural engineering)

  • Meiklejohn Architects (local representative and primary for parking, traffic, site circulation etc.)

The consulting team will complete the study at an anticipated cost of $58,000 and will have until the end of June which is expected to extend the timeframe of the Task Force.

The feasibility study is the second study commissioned by the Task Force to provide the information necessary to identify and evaluate the options and develop a recommendation for the future of Penticton arenas. The first study is already underway and will provide a more detailed analysis of the Memorial and McLaren Arenas. It is being performed by Carscadden Architects and involves many of the consultants who completed the original analysis of the buildings’ systems. This study will provide greater accuracy in the cost estimates to repair or upgrade the arenas and provide 5, 10 and 20+ year investment options to determine how each improvement will extend the life of the asset. Once the studies are completed, results will be shared with the community.

Consultation has concluded