Tight timing as Arena Task Force works toward grant application deadline

almost 3 years ago

The opportunity to secure up to $6 million in grant funding to replace or refurbish our arenas is driving the activities of the Penticton Arena Task Force. The Task Force has mapped out the steps needed to prepare a recommendation for the grant application and review it with Council before the July 30 deadline. Some of the key dates and activities coming up for the Task Force include:

  • An Open House is planned on June 28 between 4 pm and 8 pm to share the draft findings of the McLaren and Memorial Arena Study and the New Arena Feasibility Study. Task Force members will be on hand to discuss the studies and hear the feedback from the community. The studies will also be available for review on shapeyourcitypenticton.ca.

  • The Task Force will participate in workshops in early July to develop the draft recommendation. Dates are still being determined. These workshops are open for viewing by the public.

  • Following the workshops, the draft recommendation will be released to the community to review and provide feedback on through shapeyourcitypenticton.ca and community events. Task Force members will be at the Community Market on July 15 and 22 to hear feedback on the draft recommendation.

  • There will be a Special Meeting of Council on July 25 to review the draft recommendation. City staff will revise the grant application to reflect Council’s decision in advance of the July 30 deadline.

Although Council will make a decision on a recommendation to include in the grant application, this is not the final decision on the plan for Penticton’s arenas. More information on funding options including the outcome of the grant application is needed before a decision is made.

Residents are encouraged to mark the dates and activities in their calendars and get involved in the community events.

Consultation has concluded