Draft #2 ready for review

almost 3 years ago

After over 5,000 contacts with the community and a year of work by committee members, the City of Penticton is pleased to share Draft #2 of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The 150 pages of the plan contain over 150 recommendations for Penticton’s parks, beaches, trails, outdoor recreation amenities, indoor recreation facilities and recreation programs and services. This is the City’s first Parks and Recreation Master Plan since 1993 and will provide much needed direction in areas that are the source of great pride in the community.

Copies of the Executive Summary, the Plan, a Summary of Revisions and all supporting Maps and Figures are provided in the Document Library. A feedback form is provided for you to share your thoughts on the revisions and the plan as a whole. Feedback will be accepted online until May 15.

Consultation has concluded