New park bylaws and master plan approved by Council

over 1 year ago
Planning for our future parks, recreation needs and protecting city park land was a central focus of Penticton City Council during its June 19 open meeting. Assisted by considerable public engagement over many months, Council approved five important documents that will help set the direction of parks in Penticton for years to come. They include:

Parks and Recreation Master Plan: Guides staff and Council in making parks and recreation decisions over the coming years. The policies developed within the Master Plan will be included in the new Official Community Plan.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee: Assists with the implementation of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan and plays an important role in the review of uses in City parks. Aligns with the process and procedure proposed with the Park Land Use and Protection Policy.

Park Land Protection and Use Policy: Provides guidance and direction for the use and protection of public parkland by establishing a clear definition of a public park, licence or lease.

Park Dedication Bylaw: Ensures an appropriate level of public engagement occurs with regard to any future lease or disposition of parks lands.

Proposed Park Zoning Bylaw Amendments: Council directed to staff to finalize and return a zoning bylaw amendment that, moving forward, ensures community engagement and committee involvement is sought in the use and development of city parks.

“The process to create the Master Plan and the related Park dedication bylaw, and Park protection policy took a long time, but they are now very powerful and robust policies to help define park uses and the public process involved when contemplating future uses”, said Picticton Mayor, Andrew Jakubeit. “I would like to thank the steering committee and community for their passion, patience and perseverance to help address the importance of Parks and Recreation in our community.”

“Council and the community’s support for these parks and recreation initiatives helps provide long-term direction for these important community assets” said Director of Planning and Development Services, Anthony Haddad. “Parks and recreation provide for the continued health and sustainability of our city and we look forward to working with the community throughout the implementation of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.”

To learn more able the master plan, please read the following document via the City’s website.

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