Third of four 'juicy' topics added - Modernizing the Building Bylaw

almost 2 years ago

Third of four 'juicy' topics - Modernizing the building bylaw

More energy-efficient construction is one of the goals of the City’s new Building Bylaw. The City is planning to replace the current Building Bylaw created in 1994 with a new version that phases in the recommendations from the BC Energy Step Code. The new version provides greater clarity around administrative authority and responsibilities, permit requirements for each building type, expectations for enforcement action and design criteria that is unique to Penticton, and incorporates recent changes in the BC Building Act that standardize regulations across the province.

A draft of the new version, including the implementation plan for the BC Energy Step Code, is now available on The proposed bylaw applies to the design, construction or occupancy of new buildings or structures, and the alteration, reconstruction, demolition, removal, relocation or occupancy or change of use or occupancy of existing buildings and structure. Anyone interested in residential and commercial construction is encouraged to familiarize themselves with these new requirements in preparation for implementation anticipated this fall. A summary and a copy of the report with the detailed changes are now available at

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