Who is on the task force?

    Community representatives:

    ·  Suzanne Moccia (Task Force Chair)

    ·  Garrett Cruikshank

    ·  Sharon Fletcher

    ·  Lynn Kelsey

    ·  Randy Kowalchuk

    ·  Randy Manuel

    ·  Dennis O’Gorman

    ·  Warren Sanders

    ·  Bruce Schoenne

    ·  Rhys Spencer

    ·  Brian Symonds

    ·  Jillian Tamblyn

    Organization Representatives:

    ·  Regional District of the Okanagan Similkameen: Evelyn Riechert

    ·  School District No. 67: Wendy Hyer

    ·  Penticton Indian Band: TBD

    ·  Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce: Tracy Van Raes

    ·  Downtown Penticton Association: Lynn Allin

    ·  Interior Health: Kristi Estergaard

    ·  Penticton Industrial Development Association: Jill Bateman

    Council representatives:

    ·  Mayor Andrew Jakubeit

    ·  Councillor Judy Sentes

    ·  Councillor Andre Martin

    What is the plan for Campbell Mountain?

    Under the current OCP, Campbell Mountain is part of the Northeast Sector Plan that proposes a new 1400 units. In the proposed Future Land Use Plan, that area would be reclassified Natural and Conservation Area which means no development.

    What is an OCP?

    An Official Community Plan (OCP) guides positive change, growth and development, and is created through extensive public consultation. It describes a vision for the future of a community, lays out a future land use plan and contains guiding policies in key areas such as affordable housing, transportation, economic development and environmental protection.

    Why are we making changes?

    The time horizon of an OCP is typically around 30 years, although it is usually reviewed and updated after five to eight years. Our current OCP was written in 2002, with an update in 2006. It has been amended more than 90 times and may not reflect Penticton’s evolving economy, character and priorities. Recognizing that the OCP is in need of a comprehensive review, Council approved a program to update the OCP in July 2016.

    What is the process?

    The OCP planning program will be launching early this year and will take about 18 months to complete. There will be community engagement throughout, including open houses, workshops and meetings. These will take place in various parts of the city and will focus on the big picture and on different themes.

    What is the role of the OCP task force?

    City Council has approved the creation of an OCP Task Force. The task force will be a group of citizen volunteers who will share ideas and advise staff and Council on engagement, process and technical issues. Members will bring unique perspectives on business, housing, seniors and youth, infrastructure, parks and recreation and so on. The City is currently seeking volunteers with the intent to form the Task Force in early March.