How much parking is at the SOEC complex?

    There are over 1,000 spaces to park at the SOEC complex and another 1,000 in the surrounding lots and on the street.

    Is there a fee to park at the SOEC complex?

    During special events such as the Weezer concert, you can expect to pay $10 cash to park in the General Parking areas at the complex. This program is supported by volunteer organizations as a fundraiser. If you are going to a different building on the complex on a event night, let the volunteers know and you won't be charged. For more information, go to

    What are the transportation options?

    There is enough parking at the SOEC complex to accommodate parking on the vast majority of nights. For the several days where events overlap, there are free shuttle services and public transit available. See the Plan your trip to the SOEC complex travel guide in the Documents section for more information.

    How was the parking need at the SOEC complex determined?

    A parking study was completed in December 2015 as part of the application for the new Cascades Casino. See the Documents section for a copy.

    Can I park in front of homes?

    All street parking is public parking. Please be considerate of residents private businesses when parking for an event. Follow this link to see more information about parking rules.

    How much parking does Penticton have downtown?

    There are currently about 3,900 parking spaces downtown. Of this amount, approximately 40% are used by employees of businesses in the area, another 40% are used by customers and the remaining 20% are used by residents.

    How does the City manage parking?

    The City has introduced a mix of programs to address parking pressures while encouraging activity downtown. Free two hour parking along Main Street and metered parking in the adjacent blocks are designed to make it convenient for people to shop and do business downtown. Resident Only Parking areas on neighboring streets help to push employee parking into nearby paid lots. Private and public lots provide parking for employers and their employees.

    Should the City add parking downtown?

    The utilization rate of available parking in Penticton’s downtown is about 47% when averaged over the year. Additional parking is often considered once the utilization rate in an area reaches 85%. The City of Penticton is reviewing the current parking and transportation programs, consulting the community through surveys and community events, and working with the Transportation Advisory Committee to see what adjustments can be made to improve use of available parking and transportation systems.

    Why doesn’t the City build a parkade?

    Parkades are substantially more expensive than surface parking. The City of Kelowna’s new parkade cost an estimated $19.25 million for 566 stalls or $34 thousand per space. Surface parking can be added for approximately $5 to $10 thousand per space.

    Does the City earn revenue on parking?

    For many larger centers, parking is an important source of revenue. For Penticton, revenue from parking only offsets the cost of maintaining the surface and on-street parking spaces. In 2016, the City earned approximately $400,000 from parking meters, public lots and tickets.

    Should the City increase parking revenue?

    The community is divided on whether or not the City should earn more revenue from parking. Some support the concept of user pay to offset costs while others believe that free parking is one of the benefits of living in a small community and is welcoming to visitors. 

    With constant pressure on costs, the City has investigated charging a fee for permits for the Resident Only Parking program and introducing paid parking along Lakeshore Drive and Riverside Drive. These initiatives have been met with resistance and Council directed the City to put the efforts on hold and consult with the community.

    How can Penticton address the parking pressures downtown?

    The City of Penticton is currently reviewing the programs and working with the Transportation Advisory Committee to see what adjustments can be made. A vision for the future of parking and transportation in Penticton will be developed as part of the Official Community Plan process which is now underway. Feedback from the community will be an important part of these activities.

    Why does the City offer a Resident Only Parking program?

    The City introduced a Resident Only Parking program in 2004 to address pressure on street parking for neighbors affected by new developments, tourist activity and the loss of parking lots. To date, there are 750 residents with Resident Only Parking passes located in the downtown area and near the new hospital tower.  The program has received mixed reviews about the program and the City is reviewing its effectiveness.

    What ideas are being considered?

    Based on preliminary feedback gathered from the community, there are opportunities to look at reconfiguring employee and customer parking allocations, investigation seasonal solutions to adjust to low and high demand, change hourly restrictions, and investigate transit frequencies and cycling connections.