The application is in. Read an overview here.

about 2 years ago

Here is an overview of Penticton's submission to the Smart Cities Challenge. Go to for more information.

We will build a physically & mentally healthier, strongly-connected Penticton where each person has access and opportunity to maximize their health potential. Community and individual well-being is influenced by social, cultural, economic and environmental factors and good health is key to a flourishing and prosperous community. This is the fundamental principle behind our Challenge Statement.

We believe that through data and open technology we can make a meaningful impact on the social determinants of health, strengthen ties between residents and promote good physical and mental health for our citizens.

To achieve this, we have identified seven bold, ambitious, meaningful projects that will build on existing technologies and leverage community talent to transform health in our community. Our projects fall under two categories: Community Connections and Transportation/Mobility. The former addresses projects that enable Penticton’s community to find the resources, information, and individuals that will help them reach their maximum health potential and improve key social determinants of health. The latter seeks to create a holistic transportation approach that will encourage people to be more active in the community and use alternative modes of transport to engage in the community and more easily connect to services needed.

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