Calling for customer input in utility review

about 2 years ago

The City is kicking off a review of its utility rates and wants to hear from its customers. A survey has been launched on to gather customer feedback so that it can be considered in the review.

“The City regularly reviews its utility rates to ensure they provide the funding needed to keep the utilities going,” says JoAnne Kleb, community engagement strategist. “This year, staff are taking the added step of involving the community to ensure customer interests are more fully represented in the review.”

The goal of the review is to determine what the utility rates need to be in order to properly fund the operation of the utilities, sustain existing infrastructure and construct new projects, and to develop a plan that balances the impact to customers. The review will look at the rates for the water, electrical, sanitary sewer and agricultural water utilities and it will compare them with other communities with similar assets. The City aims to complete the review this year and consider the findings and recommendations as part of the 2019 budget process.

In addition to the survey, the City has also established a task force to represent the interests of customers in the review. A group of citizens representing residential, agriculture, commercial and industrial property owners have stepped up to participate.

Customer feedback will be collected until April 3. To encourage participation, the City is offering customers a chance to win their May residential utility bill. Customers who register on and complete the survey will be entered in a draw to have the City pay up to $200 towards the May 2018 utility bill on an active residential account. Paper copies of the survey are also eligible and are available at City Hall.

Residents can learn more about the review by watching a one-minute video available at

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