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over 1 year ago
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Please share your comments and questions about what legalization of cannabis means to Penticton for discussion in this forum.

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  • PentictonResident over 1 year ago
    I live in an apartment building and have been informed that i cant smoke outside on the property. where can i go to legally smoke?
  • Mark Leslie Taylor almost 2 years ago
    Please put some thought into Rental facilities and the consumption of Cannabis. On no account should it be allowed to be consumed inside in smoke form, likewise consumed in densely populate areas. It is not like alcohol. Smoke drifts, and weed is a very strong smell that some people do not like one bit. This has the potential for intently unpleasant consequences.
  • David about 2 years ago
    Interesting story on CBC The National last night (May 23rd) on how legalisation of marijuana has affected Denver Colorado. We should learn from this. I would expect their social culture and tourism has suffered due to the raging drug war there.
  • brianstewart about 2 years ago
    Smoke at home fan on filter in. City Designated outdoor smoke areas. example on the jetty behind the ss sicamous. Rose Garden / bud garden. Tourism, pot shops go hand in hand. Small independent shops, my vote, verses corporate capitalism. We all need to be respectful of others young and old, smoking on the beach/ sidewalks not cool. I personally don't think that is going to be a problem because most people that smoke pot, smoke it for Medical reasons they have a disability. I personally wouldn't want to advertise, with a big smelly refer, that something is wrong with me. 200 meter from schools try 2000 meters no brainer. I hope our youth don't turn out to be mental midgets . Very brain damaging unless its damaged then it medicine.
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    • David about 2 years ago
      I believe the majority is recreational use, not medicinal. I also believe pot shops will destroy tourism.
  • bradl about 2 years ago
    Legalizing cannabis is essentially a good idea. It is like alcohol and tobacco. It might as well be legalized, such that the government will have some degree of control. It is not working for it to be illegal. But, like alcohol and tobacco, there must be rules on where and how it can be consumed. Some people make their own beer and wine, and some I expect will grow their own cannabis legally. I don't need to inhale the smoke outside, in a park, in my yard, because someone else is consuming. We need to respect our neighbors. Respect that you can consume at your home, but respect for your neighbors, as they may not wish to consume the smoke.
  • izaspeeps about 2 years ago
    Penticton has already lost it's historic family vacation appeal due to the proliferation of pawn, money and (currently illegal) pot stores to say nothing of the ridiculous number of tattoo parlors. The kind of commerce you welcome mirrors the kind of tourists (& residence) who will come - or not come. Additionally, the same way kids get beer they will also get pot ... there needs to education about the significantly increased incidence of schizophrenia development in pre-20 yr-old pot users. Consider the exponential growth in the cost of lost youth potential to say nothing of mental health crimes and care costs ~ If you think there is a homeless problem now, wait 5 years.
  • queenbjs about 2 years ago
    I do not agree with the legalization of cannabis, however since it is seems it is already out of our control, I would like to ensure that it is monitored and visually kept low key. I do not want to be subjected to second hand smoke in public establishments. My main concern is that legalization will increase the usage of other drugs.
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    • AJay123 about 2 years ago
      Recent studies have shown that alcohol and tobacco are the gateway drugs and cannabis is not the gateway drug to other drugs. Legalization was essentially for adults and is still illegal for kids. Kids are drinking and vaping in school at a higher percentage than using pot that will not change as demonstrated in the US where legal. Education is the key and many understand but some seem to be just looking for the Darwin Award in their life.
  • Valerie Wood about 2 years ago
    Cannabis should be treated with the same regulations as alcohol and cigarettes.
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    • AJay123 about 2 years ago
      Totally agree!
  • bubblechicken about 2 years ago
    I know nothing about cannabis, but thumbs up on those clever engagement t-shirts!
  • Mlarson about 2 years ago
    A person can not legally drink beer in a public place such as a beach so why should someone smoking pot be afforded that opportunity. You have to be fairly close to a person who smells of alcohol but one can walk down the street and be 1/2 a block away and smell pot. There are scent sensitive work environments where you can’t wear perfume because it effects others. Let’s try to be respectful of those who do not want to be exposed.
  • Brian Rennhack about 2 years ago
    In that air you breathe most often: smoke, pet dander, paint fumes, mold, mildew and possibly billions of microorganisms.Yet a lot people are concerned about cannabis smoke.I would rather smell weed smell than cigarettes!
  • ecoughman about 2 years ago
    When I am out in my yard, I do not want to smell or inhale second hand weed smoke. Nor do I want to smell it, or inhale it, at public functions, on the beaches, or on city streets. I am OK with it for medical purposes in ones own home.
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    • dasmerais about 2 years ago
      Id rather not inhale 2nd hand cigarette smoke which can actually cause me harm unlike second hand cannabis smoke, worst thing 2nd hand cannabis smoke will do to you is cause you to smell cannabis which Im sure is a lot better than a cig.
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      • ecoughman about 2 years ago
        Im not going to get into a back and forth argument with you on this. This will be my last comment towards you, I think your wrong there with that comment, both 2nd hand cigarette smoke and cannabis smoke are not great for your health. Id rather not have either.
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        • Brian Rennhack about 2 years ago
          Drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, breathing smoke from a forest fire, gambling, eating to much and so much more is bad for your health..cell phones put out radio wave's SHOULD WE BAN IT ALL. not going to happen so if you don't like it try living in country with a lot of pollution.. give it a break others have rights if your that offended the hardware stores have breathing masks or you could wear scuba gear with pure filtered air.
  • Kim Torgerson about 2 years ago
    4 plants in my garden, not in the house ( Grandkids !) Not in rental properties and with being able to buy it why grow it anyway ? If we can't drink or smoke in public areas why should we expect to be allowed to smoke weed in public places . My home or camping in a forestry site , no problem . We've been smoking for about 40 years off and on. ( quit when we had kids to set a good example but they all started on their own in their mid teens ) Now a toke, as in one toke is great before supper. I'd love to see the small shops continue on just like now.
  • Nana about 2 years ago
    I don’t mind the stores BUT the city needs to say where they can smoke. I am having a big problem with cigarette smoke it’s chokes me and can’t breathe the same will be the cannabis smoke and it’s way more stronger smell What about the children and old people that have a problem with breathing we can’t keep them locked up in there home just because someone isn’t thoughtful. It has to be at strict violation with whoever isn’t going by law. There is even now young adults and older people going around smoking this in the open without even being legal yet and there is no one to tell them anything. Please please please make it legal but being governed not open to all to sell whatever they want they need to certify them selfs of what they are selling let it in the drugstore if you have to for medical reasons. Do not let it just out free though without being inspected what is out in those stores. Thank you
  • SDREvans about 2 years ago
  • sroth about 2 years ago
    The health benefits to cannabis are over & above that of alcohol or tabacco. If we can somehow open up our minds to its possibilities & regulate who its sold to by implementing min age & where it can be consummed and tax the crap out of it, think of the potential benefits to our community. Funds to support the community & services & small businesses & increase policing if need be. People are going to continue to use it regardless if legal or not...lets not kid ourselves. We take take profit away from criminal organizations & put $$ back into tax payers hands & community services by lowering our provincial debt. Both me & my dog benefit from CBD (medicinal part of cannabis) without THC (the "high"). People should be allowed other options than prescribed medications. I would rather smell marijuana, than cigarette smoke (which we all know is harmfull) or booze breath any day, but this is just MY opinion. Let's get with the times & reap the rewards 😆
  • dennis curtis about 2 years ago
    same regulations as Cigs, can you smoke on the beaches ,no, so many feet from a Bar Door, yes ,can you smoke in Walmart parking Lot, yes . To say you have to do it in your home is stupid. For health or for pleasure same regulations.
  • David J Wells about 2 years ago
    I think people who drink beer and wine, smell absolutely disgusting... Doesn't mean they have to surrender, and not do it in public.... Not to mention what does alcohol even do for you? Distroy your liver..? I'm not going to go on a mumble jumble rant, but just think before you speak your opinion on something that affects your "sense of smell"..When in reality it's bigger than caring baout your problems, and its about helping people feel less hated, less anxious,less nervous to eat in public,be in public,...go out IN TO public.. see people... Who are going to look at you funny because you smell like weed. cigarettes are just as gross smelling as weed. I agree that kids should not have to smell it, but they have to smell cigarette smoke everywhere! I am a smoker of both nd hate smoking cigarettes in public.WEED SHOULD BE AS FREE AND EASY(to a standard 19+) TO GET AS CIGARETTES! Cigarettes cause cancer... Weeds saves more cancer patients then you would think.... Kids included 💙
  • Gail about 2 years ago
    I am totally for cannabis use for medical reasons...I would hate to have to smell cannabis smoke on beaches, or at tourist events, or where children are
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    • Andy about 2 years ago
      I don't mind smelling cannabis outdoors, anywhere alcohol is consumed.
    • dasmerais about 2 years ago
      I dont really like smelling cigarettes either am I gonna go try and restrict where people can smoke, and saying you support cannabis for medical use but dont want to have to smell it publicly is ridiculous would you get annoyed by someone using there insulin publicly no you wouldnt they need that so why should it be any different for me when I want to be able to eat my meal before I go to eat out and have to smoke to get an appetite.
  • David about 2 years ago
    I am strongly against the consumption (horrible skunk smell) of weed in any public spaces. Keep our community family friendly and a 5 star tourist destination!
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    • katycakes- about 2 years ago
      What about all the people that smoke cigarettes in public. That smell makes most people want to hurl, yet you can do that anywhere. Why should weed be any different?
  • GaryFrechette about 2 years ago
    people should be allowed to smoke weed in alleys, that's the way it's been consumed in penticton for many years and i haven't seen a fist fight yet.