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Is anything missing from the results and recommendations?

almost 2 years ago

The survey results are in and staff have prepared draft recommendations. Is anything missing?

Consultation has concluded

  • rainfolk almost 2 years ago
    I don't think this is the right forum, (please forward to the appropriate parties) but I wanted to comment on how much we enjoyed and appreciated the PenTalkton evening. It gave us such hope for the future of Penticton - for the first time we felt maybe there is some hope that the council might get the importance of planning in all aspects of city growth. The evening was exceptionally well organized and fun to be a part of!
  • jaarsen almost 2 years ago
    Glad to see thorough research on the issue of parking and the presentation of the results was well done. I would like to suggest that the change to a mobile phone pay app for parking be synchronised with what is already in place at Penticton airport (PayByPhone) Many people already have the PayByPhone app installed on their phones for use at the airport. It is convenient, secure and well established ( the company has just been purchased by a large international group). That way people wouldn't have to have two different parking apps on their phone. PayByPhone is also heavily used in the city of Vancouver for the parking metres in downtown. I'm glad to see that a mobile parking app is being implemented as it is a much more convenient option for us!
  • Wayne almost 2 years ago
    Great to see the outreach and analysis unfold in a manner that puts people on notice about topics that interest them. My thinking is the $15,000 cash in lieu that will be devoted to parking is still way too low given the cost of structured parking (which most downtown developments need to provide) along with the cost of land acquisition. It needs more analysis and the development of a revised bylaw does not need to be rushed anymore than rushing to out development permits in place for projects that are requesting use of the current $6000 per stall cash in lieu policy.
  • Beemer over 1 year ago
    NO paid parking on lake shore !!! We don't want to have to remove them in the middle of the night again!