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Air Canada adjusts schedule

7 months ago

Your feedback on recent changes to the flight service at the Penticton airport made a difference. Air Canada revised their new early morning departure time from 9:40 am to 8:15 am beginning June 1. Read more and leave your thoughts here.

Consultation has concluded

  • Colin adam 7 months ago
    Still not good enough. The 6:00 am flight is needed to get there in time for business. 7:00 am at the absolute latest.
  • Warand 7 months ago
    In my opinion Air Canada should add another early afternoon flight and possibly add a morning flight to Calgary as well.
  • TBSalamone 7 months ago
    This change does not help the business traveler from Penticton to Vancouver at all. A 7am flight, maybe, but not an 8am flight. They have made no improvement with this change. For example, I have to go to Vancouver from Penticton for two days in early June. If I could catch a 6am flight or even a 7am flight, I would save $400 on accommodation and more on meals. My husband has to go for one day, May 31. It will cost him an extra night’s hotel as well plus meals. That’s just one family, one week of travel. Please don’t give Air Canada any credit for these useless schedule changes. I can’t express how disappointed and disgusted I am.