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8 months ago

Please share your ideas and comments about the Utility Rate Review findings for your neighbors to see and discuss here.

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  • Admin Commented COP Community Engagement 8 months ago
    David Pacey offered the following on the City's facebook page...."So - are you planning on increasing water and sewage rates?Personally and in this semi arid climate, I believe that would be appropriate IF and only IF you allow, nay encourage, rain water collection for homes and businesses; allow Grey water dispersal into gardens vs discharge into sewage systems; allow the use of rain water for laundry and toilet use.Use any increase of rates to deliver the above system tweaks and I am 110% on side of increases in rates.Allow these changes/tweaks and see costs for treated water delivery and sewage treatment costs decrease over time.And conserve waterAnd reduce sewage effluent And reduce chemical use in treatment"